Traveling for better health – what was your healthiest vacation?

This article talks about how spas are trying to change their image and that it seems to be keeping customers coming:

One reason, perhaps, is a marketing effort by spas to shed an image of extravagance and indulgence for one of necessity. The new approach, which McNees calls an industrywide sea change, focuses on health, wellness, and de-stressing. About 70 percent of ISPA members offer educational classes, from good nutrition to stress management, she says. “We’re a vacation of need,” says Tracey Welsh…

So I was thinking, what are my options for getting healthier on a trip? I’ve thought about a few:

Kayak or canoe trips. Possibly rafting.

Hikes – This Patagonia experience is pretty hardcore as was this Kilimanjaro climb. I’d be interested in something in America too – like hiking around the Grand Canyon or the redwoods in California or something. I started a Manali, India hiking travel plan a long long time ago but it’s not really that far up my list at the moment.

Some sort of yoga or ayurvedic retreat. I do eat fairly healthily, exercise, and lift weights but I should stretch more.

I’ve even thought about some sort of sports camp or something, like the ones professional athletes might go to for sprinting faster or something. That just doesn’t seem like a vacation though. There would have to be stuff other than training mixed in.

Anyway, my thoughts are drying up but what are your healthy vacation ideas?

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  1. Pete says:

    Wow — this is a great new way to look at travel. My last vacation was a cruise that included kayaking, hiking, swimming, and a few trips to the ship’s gym. That all sounds good, but given the constant flow of cruise food and drink I feel that health-wise I broke even.

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