Traveling for work – how do you make it fun?

This is my second time in Yong In for work. The first time, I came up with a question about rural or urban vacations.

This time it’s a question about traveling for work in general: how do you make it fun?

I know I’m supposed to be working and shouldn’t be trying too hard to have fun but then again you only live once and should enjoy as much of life as you can, right?

Yet here I am with work to do, and no friends, family, or pets to distract me. I had a little fun when I arrived because I had time to go to the gym and get in a quick workout. The gym here isn’t great, but it does have a punching bag and this is only the second time in my life I’ve fooled with one of those.

I suppose I could go for a walk, but I am in the country so while trees are nice and everything I don’t know if that will make this 3 day trip really fun….

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  1. Cathy Broadus says:

    I travel for my work as well. My stints last for 3-9 months at a time. I immediately try to immerse in all things local. I use the spices they use, I eat the local favorites, and I try to hang out where they hang out. And then when things inevitably go awry, I get to duck out the back door. Kee-kee!

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