Traveling to deal with back pain or carpal tunnel

A while back I mentioned my desire to try ART, active release technique. Last winter while we were in New York my wife and I gave it a try. We went to Dr. Stuart Weitzman for both chiropractic care and ART.

When we arrived in America my wife was in trouble because her back was killing her. She had trouble getting out of the car, she couldn’t stand straight, etc. After arriving we stopped off at my aunt’s house where she, my dad, and my wife talked about their backs. My wife thought she was too young to be so involved in the conversation.

The next day, we went for chiropractic and ART. The initial visit was about 30 -40 minutes each and cost $210 each if I remember correctly. He looked at our x-rays, did some cool back muscle activation scan, and of course did the chiropractic adjustments and ART. My wife was vastly improved after that first visit – it was really impressive. She could get out of the car no problem, stand up straight, all that good stuff.

We went got treated 3 more times over the next couple weeks and everything was great. Each treatment was $85 each maybe. That was about 10 minutes of chiropractic and 5 minutes of ART or around there. Then the day before we left something happened and my wife was back to square one.

We went to the doctor the morning of our flight to Istanbul to see if he could patch things up like he had when we first arrived. He spent 20 minutes or more trying to work things out and while there was some improvement it wasn’t as significant as before.

My wife’s back ended up slowing us down in Istanbul but not too much and she spent a lot of time stretching it out (as best she could anyway) so that it wouldn’t interfere too much with our sightseeing.

In the end, do I recommend ART and chiropractic? I think it’s worth a try if you have back problems, carpal tunnel, or other soft tissue problems (ART is supposed to be good for most soft tissue things but not everyone who does ART has been trained in every aspect of it). The ART inventor seemed to say a lot of people would quickly find a permanent fix and while that wasn’t the case with my wife’s back, there certainly was improvement (until the last day anyway).

Next time I’ll be discussing a very different but also seemingly effective way to treat back problems (and possibly carpal tunnel and other things).

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