Travelling and cycling

When travelling there are several mode of transport that we can use when travelling and cycling is one of the most fun way. Cyclotourism is the use of bicycles to go sightseeing as well as exploration and touring. You will find that there are Parks where cycling is offered and visitors can enjoy a close range with wildlife as there are pathways specifically made for cyclists. Like in Europe you will realize that bicycle are freely available in many parts of the continent such as Hoge Veluwe National Park in the Netherlands. Another mode of biking is mountain biking that takes place in some parks that are designed for that purpose on trails and dirt roads.

One of the advantages of using bicycle touring is the fact that its one kind of recreation that can be used by people from all walks of life and at all ages. There are also those type of travelling that involve long distance cycling and are known as randonmee or brevet. Although this is one of the best way for recreation travelling cyclists are advised to take all the necessary safety precautions. If you are cycling in rough terrain you stand a chance of falling and hurting yourself and that is why there are excellent range of cycling helmets. When a cyclist falls he is most likely to have a head injury or even a fat accident and that is why cyclists are advised to be wearing helmets. When choosing a helmet not just any type will work for you no, it has to be fitting, comfortable and a cool lid. Some of the cycling helmets that are highly recommended include Bontrage circuit, Las victory Limited, Giro Savant, Giro Aeon, Las Infinito as well as MET Estro and Mavic plasma SLR. Also ensure that the helmet is light enough for your head and has a soft pad that will suckle in the moisture from your skin and a hard pad that will protect you. Since cycling was introduced it has been used as a mode of transport but later emerged that it can be used as a great way of recreation.
These are just some of the helmets that can be used when travelling by cycling and there are many more others. The other advantage that comes with cycling is the fact that you are able to access narrow terrains and pathways that a vehicle can hardly go through.

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