Trips to Outer Space… Long awaited new shows on Travel Channel

For the person who has been absolutely everywhere (and some people have been just about everywhere, it seems) a trip to outer space (is there such a thing as inner space, or is all space considered to be outer?) is the next big thing in travel.

There seems to be something of a competition to be the first company to offer tours of space — this blog has talked about this on a couple of previous occasions) And if you want to honeymoon in space too, you may soon be able to do that.

Virgin Galactic (a subsidiary of Virgin Atlantic) is one of the main contenders when it comes to offering trips into space for those who can afford to pay for them. Virgin has even signed a contract with up to 50 travel agencies – meaning you can walk into a travel agent and book your space flight.

The company actually had plans to commence the trips this year, but now it seems as though they have postponed until 2009. Not that I have the money to pay for such a trip at the moment, anyway — the cost per person is around $200,000. Virgin already has around 200 people signed up for potential trips, although, apparently if you have enough Virgin frequent flyer miles, you can use those, according to one story.

On a completely unrelated note, the Travel Channel has started to show some new shows at last. This Monday saw the debut of Michael Palin’s new series “New Europe” in which he travels through various Eastern Europe countries. The first episode featured the intrepid traveler visiting a minefield in Serbia and exploring one of the most mysterious European countries – Albania.

The bad news is that Saturday evening saw back to back episodes of that old favorite “World Poker Tour”. According to our source at the Travel Channel, the Poker show won’t be on for much longer…

I’d better start buying those lottery tickets if I want a trip into space.

Guest entry by Mancunian.

And on a personal note, (this is me, not Mancunian) I wonder if anyone at the Travel Channel ever saw my blog entry on an idea for a budget travel show…

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