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Fiji’s Turtle Island

I found an old issue of Traveler in my new office (it must have belonged to the previous professor) with an interesting article on Turtle Island, Fiji. Turtle Isalnd is one of the Yasawa Islands, and has lush jungle, white sand, and coral-filled lagoons. The original (1949) Blue Lagoon was filmed there.

Turtle Island is one of the most exclusive of the Yasawa islands and you get your own bure mama (housekeeper, valet, companion, and personal photographer. There is accommodation for 28 visitors. There are 14 beaches. Backpackers should try another of the Yasawa Islands – I’ll blog about doing Fiji Islands on a budget soon.

Interestingly the author writes that traveling to Turtle Island alone resulted in getting treated as a “holiday curio by both staff and other guests, like a peculiar piece of driftwood found on the beach, picked up and passed around the group for inspection.” Sounds like you should bring a guest when you go to Turtle Island.

Typical activities include deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, and visits to nearby islands. Otherwise you can expect a private beach for the day (8 of the beaches can be reserved for private use), sunset cruises on Mondays, eating dinner with all the guests (you can make arrangements to eat alone).

To get there, fly to Viti Levu and then transfer to a seaplane for the trip to Turtle Island. A seven-night holiday will run about 7,700 British Pounds according to the article. This includes all meals, drinks, activities, and excursions.

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