Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the plane

Not a passenger was normal, they all were a pain.

All the overheads were filled, with bags too big around,
So inconsiderate a-holes needn’t wait on the ground.

And just when I thought I was over that funk,
The guy to my right had got sloppy and drunk.

And since I was only half the size of that fella,
I said to my wife, “next time it’s Acela.”

As I started to think it was just a bad dream,
The toddler behind me commenced a loud scream.

While I tried to keep calm and prevent WW III,
The stewardess came over, blaming everything on me.

So as I finally got off that damned flight,
Merry Christmas I said, but it didn’t seem right.

Safe travels and a happy end to 2016!

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