Types of travel insurance

The ads are a bit irritating but the information in this article about different types of travel insurance is worth reading. Here’s a sample:

Comprehensive Coverage

A travel insurance policy usually offers two types of coverage: trip cancellation and/or interruption and emergency medical evacuation. Reimbursements for lost baggage or trip delays are nice if they come bundled with trip cancellation/interruption or emergency medical evacuation, but they’re usually not good buys on their own. Generally, a comprehensive travel insurance policy will cover every need you can anticipate and costs 5 to 7 percent of the price of your trip, so a vacation package valued at $US5,000 can be insured for $US250 to $US350, and is well worth the piece of mind.

It’s also possible to buy year-round policies. Frequent travelers can buy insurance for a length of time, rather than for a certain trip. I’m told it can be quite inexpensive (sometimes less than $100 USD per year). Always read the policy for any limitations and exclusions that may apply.

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