Ubrand Stick Tagz – Another freebie for the travel blogger

Well it’s more in line with the socks than the cruise, but I really enjoy getting free samples to review for you guys and here is another opportunity for me.

The company is Ubrand and the products are “Stick Tagz” – you put them on your luggage in order to personalize it some (making it easier to identify when its surrounded by luggage). It reminds me of a plastic tag that said “Not just another pretty black bag” my sister gave me a while back. While funny, that one wasn’t durable enough to survive long term travel…

I scanned in my “Stick Tagz” so you can see what it looks like. My plan is to stick it on one my bags and let you know how well it holds up next time I go somewhere.

They are said to be made of “durable polymer based materials that solidly adhere to nylon fabrics” and have survived harsh travel conditions without falling off or creasing like regular stickers. I hope that’s true and I’ll let you know how it goes next time I fly somewhere.

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