UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Danger: which one would you most like to visit?

One of the classes I teach is public speaking and several of my students have chosen travel related topics for their first informative speech. So I have a few “fresh” ideas for this blog.

Today, it’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Danger. The official list mentions 31 world heritage sites that are in danger. I suppose it’s not surprising to see sites in Afghanistan and Iraq on the list. I was a bit surprised to find Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands (2007) endangered. though I shouldn’t have been.

My student will be discussing this one and Jerusalem (Site proposed by Jordan): Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls (1982).

One of the ways she’ll try to connect with the audience is by asking if they’d like to see these sites before it’s too late, kind of like tourism of doom (and tourism of doom part 2). That old list is why the Galápagos Islands shouldn’t have surprised me – it’s on there.

Anyway, back to the question: which of the endangered UNESCO World Heritage sites would you most like to visit? I might go with the rice terraces, mostly because other rice terraces have been mentioned on this site (and they look pretty).

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  1. Sharon says:

    Your student’s choice of the Old City of Jerusalem and its walls would be mine, as well.

  2. Jill says:

    Tough to choose! If I’m sticking to just one, it would probably be the Galapagos. However, I would also put Jerusalem and the Congo sites high on my list too.

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