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This review is a family effort so while I’m posting this, it was my mom and sister who actually did the taste testing and writing. The contest we ran here is over and the 3 winners have been notified via Facebook – hopefully they will be kind enough to post their Unwind experiences here.

As mentioned on this blog previously, Unwind (TM) is a low-calorie, low-sugar, relaxation aid containing melatonin, rose hips, and valerian root. It is aimed at helping travelers reduce travel stress. With 40 calories and 10 grams of sugar per 12 oz. can, Unwind is the healthiest of its class and is available in three lightly-carbonated flavors – Goji Grape, Pom Berry, and Citrus Orange.

I tried Citrus Orange Unwind after a long (12 hour) day driving on busy highways, over bridges where there are almost always backups, through city streets known for their double parkers and aware that there was no legal parking at my destination. It tasted great! Orange-y and just sweet enough for me.

Next, I tried the Goji Grape Unwind after a 6+ hour car ride through three high traffic cities. Its taste was perhaps a little sharper than the Citrus Orange but it tasted like grape and was good as well.

Since I liked the Citrus Orange and Goji Grape Unwinds, I was curious about the third flavor. I didn’t wait for another stressful travel situation to check out Pom Berry. Nice to have a sweet fizzy drink that is low cal and carb. It’s a little syrup-y though that’s not entirely bad. Pomegranates were not in the ingredients which I expected from the ‘Pom’ in the name. There are other berries in it though. Not sure how to describe what it tastes like… sweet mixed berry I’ll say.

The Unwind can says you shouldn’t mix it with alcohol or operate heavy machinery. That could be the melatonin but I’m not sure if that is also why you can’t have it if you are pregnant or nursing.

All in all, Unwind has a very pleasant taste and the light carbonation gives it just enough fizz. It’s hard to measure the relaxation effects. Certainly, making a point to ‘unwind’ with a tasty, non-alcoholic drink is calming, and even the name puts you into a relaxing mood before you even open the can.

In the end, I’m not prepared to say that Unwind will relax you if you’re stressed – well it does, but so does sitting down and relaxing with other good tasting drinks. This one may help more than just relaxing – the ingredients say it should – but I can’t say for certain. I will say that it’s worth a try – there’s really no downside to giving it a shot.

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