Update to a recent posting – just how expensive can hotel rooms get…?

Just when I thought I had researched thoroughly for my posting a few weeks ago on the world’s most expensive hotel rooms, I find a hotel room that’s even more expensive. The Ty Warner suite (named after the hotel’s owner, the creator of Beanie Babies) at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York costs a staggering $30,000 per night. The suite is around 4,300 square feet, which by a quick calculation is almost three times the size of my entire house.

The suite boasts several bedrooms, a library, spa and exercise room, along with panoramic views over New York in all directions (I have a friend wih an apartment overlooking Central Park – it’s very nice but it’s still hard to imagine what this suite’s view is like). Guests also have access to all the food that they can eat from room service, a personal butler on call and use of a Rolls-Royce to take trips around town.

If you can’t quite afford the Ty Warner suite, a standard deluxe room at the same hotel costs around $1000 a night. Smaller suites start at around $2,150 a night — and the hotel says they have no trouble filling these rooms most of the time.

The Four Seasons hotel is also the tallest hotel in New York — but not the tallest hotel in the world. As far as I can see, that title goes to the Rose Tower in Dubai, at just over 1000 feet. Dubai seems obsessed with tall buildings and currently boasts the world’s tallest, still under construction at 1600 feet and rising.

However, if you prefer your hotel rooms small, Japan is the place to go. So-called capsule hotels have been popular in Japan for some time; they aren’t really rooms, more like capsules as the name suggests. They are just about large enough to lie down in and have a TV screen at one end. The bathroom is usually down the corridor somewhere. They make for an inexpensive — and memorable – stay in one of the world’s most expensive countries.

The concept has recently spread to Europe – capsule hotel rooms opened at London’s Gatwick Airport in June, and the company, Yotel plans to open more capsule rooms at London’s Heathrow airport and Amsterdam’s Schipol airport in early 2008. Yotel rooms are slightly bigger than Japan’s capsule hotels and have room for a shower. They cost from between $50 to $80 for a stay of four hours and then $10 per hour thereafter.

I’m curious as to how comfortable they are…has anyone stayed in a tiny hotel room? (Or one of the hotels listed as being the most expensive)?

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  1. travelfan says:

    Spending that much money on a room (from your own pocket) is totally idiotic. When you travel, you’re only there to sleep and shower. What a waste!

    Re tiny rooms, I remember over Easter Holiday in Florence, Italy, the only room I could get was a chain business hotel some distance from the tourist attractions (but I had a car). It was so small, I could get things out of the closet, turn the TV channel, etc. without ever getting out of the bed. It was an experience to remember. The price was about what you’d pay for that room in Japan if I remember correctly. But it was liras then and not the raised prices for rooms that the Euro has brought to some countries.

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