Vacation pretty much over but will the next one start sooner than expected?

So I have about an hour left in Amsterdam and then it’s off to the airport for a long trip home. The last couple of nights we’ve actually been thinking about our next vacation. I know it seems too soon…

JAL is having some crazy sales so there may be more vacation experiences coming soon. It could be possible for me to hit Hawaii before my new semester starts… Airfare from Korea is 450,000 KRW or so – I think around $400 each. It might be more like $500 each after taxes and fees. I don’t know if I mentioned but for Seoul to Amsterdam we paid about $500 each, maybe more like $600 with taxes.

I don’t know if they have such good deals in all areas but you might want to check it out if you’re not too worried they’ll go out of business before you get to travel…

Interestingly, the flights from Seoul to Tokyo, a pretty short one, are over $300 so for an extra $100 or $150 I get to go to Hawaii? I don’t get it but I think I like it. Also, my friend Doug sent me a link to some special vacation rental deals – $100/night for a condo? Seems like my wife and I could do a week in Hawaii for under $2,000 as we wouldn’t really have to eat out. The only thing is that staying in one place for the entire week in hawaii means I’ll only see one island. I suppose I could live with that. Maybe a half price rental car (I’m not quite sure how that works but he said they had em up to 50% off) would bump that up to more than 2 grand but then at least we could see pretty much everything on whichever island we end up on.

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