Vacationing to where you might buy a home

This article on vacationing in a development where you’re thinking about buying caught my eye because my wife and I sometimes talk about buying a cheap house in the country somewhere so that we can split our time between the city and the country.

In this article they list some developments in America (mostly) that have vacation packages for potential buyers.

This is the only one that was free and there are strings attached:

Ultimate Escapes Residence Club: Three nights at choice of luxury homes around North America, free — for “qualifying” guests who used competitive accommodations at least 14 days in the past year

I don’t even know what “competitive accommodations” means.

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  1. Sharon says:

    My experience with try before you buy offers is that they are not enjoyable and hardly worth the time and effort, unless you want to deal non stop with high pressure salesmen (their job is to sell of course). You’re correct – lots of strings attached to the one advertised as free! Requires a $5,000 (supposedly refundable) deposit and a subsequent choice of memberships with them,which start at $70,000.

  2. Rhonda Peterson says:

    You two are very lucky…. from your blogs, it looks like you travel quite a bit.

    So you’d be ready to give that up and settle for two house payments and keeping your travels to your home in the city and your home in the country? Though you could invest in a Segway to entertain yourselves with.

    You definately wouldn’t have as much to blog about. That would be dissapointing. They are very entertaining. :o)

  3. James Trotta says:

    I would continue traveling. The blog must go on!

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