Visiting Budapest – an introduction with some advice

Here’s an anonymous article about Budapest, Hungary with some honest information about Budapest’s drawbacks and some advice on what to do when you visit.

Budapest is an industrial city, which can be busy, loud, and dirty. Budapest is also called the Paris of the East. The architecture is interesting, there are lots of statues, and there’s a castle district You can also take a walk along the Danube. Travelers probably spend most of your time by the Danube where most of the baths, cafes, and restaurants are.

Many people speak some English so it’s not at all hard to get around. Public transit is reliable, especially the subway. The center of the city is very easy to navigate, so a walking tour is certainly possible. There are lots of sidewalks and pedestrian streets.

The Thermal baths are in the Turkish bath style with Ottoman architecture, reasonable prices, and massages. Massages can be orvosi (a relaxing medical massage) and vizí (a more painful massage). The Gellert, Rudas and Szechenyi Baths are popular for tourists. The Gellert baths are a bit more expensive than the others, but you get to swim in what may be the world’s most beautiful swimming pool.

Service in restaurants ranges from great to awful and so does the food. The tip is included in the check. Tipping extra is fine. Just remember that there are reasons why Budapest is not famous for its fine cuisine or shopping.

Budapest is also a good starting point for many other excursions. Vienna and Bratislava are only three hours or so away. I highly recommend visits to Sopron, Eger, and Lake Balaton (Veszprem, might be your best bet). All the towns along the Danube bend are also quite nice. Then there’s Eger in Tokaj and wine tasting. Eger is an esay day trip from Budapest.

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  1. Suzy says:

    We were in Budapest last summer. The city is great and esiy to walk. We tried the Szechenyi spa, it was really fun. We visited also Szentendre and Eger, both were interesting.

    We came with ryanair and stayed in a private studio, so it was not so expensive (maybe because we reserved the ticket and the room before). The studio we found here:, the flight ticket we reserved on the website of the ryanair.

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