Visiting cities from Constellation and Elizabethtown: road trip!

When I wrote about the Elizabethtown-style road trip, I mentioned that my wife and I are seriously considering a roadtrip of our own. We’ve started to plan things out some including a few ideas from the movie like Elizabethtown & Louisville, KY plus Memphis, Tennessee. But I didn’t mention exactly how I’d get from New York down to Memphis or what I’d do after. Well, I’ve looked at a few maps and I came up with this. I tried to keep the drives reasonable – I’m not as young as I used to be driving 18 hours straight no longer appeals. Anyway, here are the cities in order and the approximate times from one city to the next:

New York

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (3 hours)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (3 1/4 hours)

Charleston, West Virginia (4 hours)

Louisville, KY (50 minutes)

Elizabethtown, KY (2 1/4 hours)

Nashville, Tennessee (2 hour drive)

Memphis, Tennessee (the link is an old blog about free things to do there – 3 hours to next city)

Huntsville, Alabama (the link is about tourism and the movie Constellation – 4 hours to next city)

Knoxville, Tennessee (6 hours) – Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Richmond, Virginia (2.5 hours)

Baltimore, Maryland (1 3/4 hours)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New York (home)

Now there may be some great things to see that I don’t know about so if I’m driving right by something cool, please leave a comment and let me know.

In the future I’ll try to give you a more detailed idea of what we plan to do in each city. To be honest, some of these cities I chose because I recognized the name and they seemed to be in the right place when I looked at the map so I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing in each city…

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