Waiting on a plane

This story about passengers spending 6 hours on a plane going nowhere reminded me of a couple of my own experiences.

First, back in 2001 when I was flying to Korea for the first time I spent over 20 hours on a plane. It’s a 13 hour flight anyway, but Gimpo airport in Seoul (this was before Incheon became Seoul’s primary international airport) was foggy so we flew an hour south to Jeju. Because of immigration and customs, we weren’t allowed off the plane (although Jeju does have international flights).

So after 14 hours on the plane we had to sit there on the plane a few more hours in Jeju. Eventually we took off again and flew to Gimpo in Seoul. It was over 20 hours. Then I got to try to sort out the connecting flight to Jinju I had missed…

Second, my wife and I were flying to Houston to visit my sister in 2005. It was raining so our flight was delayed taking off. The captain was bragging about how other planes were turning back to refuel but they were smart and had tons of fuel so we could wait for clearance forever.

He did warn us that it was going to get hot because the plane was too old for him to put on the air conditioner while it was on the ground. That didn’t make us feel safe. I think we sat on that plane about 3 hours and it did get pretty hot and uncomfortable.

Anyone else have a story about getting stuck on a plane?

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  1. On our return journey from Tenerife four passengers somehow got themselves onto the wrong plane but their luggage was on ours. (So much for airport security.) They unloaded all the luggage on the tarmac and started looking for their luggage. The temperature was way over 90 degrees and we had to sit there for nearly an hour and then one poor old guy passed out and an ambulance was called and then they started the process all over again to find his luggage. Then we had another half an hour waiting for a slot. In all we stayed on the ground nearly 3 hours

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