Weather persecuted honeymoon

I like this quote: “You think: ‘Are we weather persecuted? What will happen next?’ It is almost absurd.”

This from one of the Svanstroms, who experienced 6 natural disasters on their honeymoon:

-stranded in Germany by one of Europe’s worst-ever snowstorms. Next up:

-cyclone in Cairns

-flooding in Brisbane

-bushfires in Perth

-6.3-magnitude earthquake in Christchurch.

in Tokyo when the quake and tsunami hit.

That’s a lot, but I don’t see how a 4 month honeymoon can be a honeymoon from hell. I have a friend who had to cancel his honeymoon because his father died the day of his wedding. That’s not technically a honeymoon but it kind of puts things in perspective.

Actually it kind of reminds me of the ruined honeymoons back when Europe was getting snowed in (December 2009).

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