Weird million dollar vacation package

We’ve talked about Dubai, but now Abu Dhabi in the UAE is making headlines, trying to attract some wealthy tourists.

This article details a pretty weird vacation. I mean it costs $146,000 / day so that’s weird. But then it includes golfing for men, perfume creation for women, and then guns. Guns in a vacation package?

As you might imagine, some parts of this $1,000,000.00 vacation package sound pretty cool:

A personal butler will tend to you 24 hours a day between private jet excursions, where guests can claim a handmade Persian rug in Iran, receive a spa treatment at the Dead Sea and hit Bahrain to dive for pearls — which will be fashioned into gifts by on-site jewellers.

The deal includes all food and drink at the hotel’s 13 bars and restaurants, while a chauffeur-driven $410,000 Maybach supercar will be available on demand.

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