Well timed email and review of Samantha Brown’s Passport To Great Weekends

Around 10:20 tonight I was reading this email:

I’m working with Travel Channel’s online community team and wanted to let you know that Samantha Brown visits Cabo San Lucas on her upcoming episode of Passport To Great Weekends.

The Cabo show airs at 10:30pm EST tonight, July 17th. I thought you and your readers might be interested in the show, and that you might want to post something on your blog about it.

I figured I’d check the show out since it was starting in 10 minutes. Now I almost never watch TV, but Mancunian has written about the Travel Channel several times and you guys have commented on it (plus I mentioned Cabo this morning) so I figured I’d review a show.

Here we go, a review of Samantha Brown’s visit to Cabo:

What I consider the best travel tip could have been easy to miss. Samantha Brown mentioned the ‘real’ San Jose del Cabo next to the touristy Cabo San Lucas.Why is the ‘authentic’ Mexican town mentioned for a second at 10:55? Why didn’t we see any of that?

From 10:30 to 10:55 we say a restaurant where locals eat (The Hangman). We saw Samantha Brown do a zip line and do some sea kayaking. OK.

We also see here in a private villa that most of us can’t afford. We see here private chef cooking — again, not the the typicl travel experience.

Then we see her take a catamaran. No idea how much that costs but probably more afforadable than the private villa with the personal chef. And the views from the boat were nice so I won’t complain about that.

I will complain that we don’t hear about any costs other than a $10,000 piece in an art gallery. How much are the tacos in The Hangman? How much for the 3 mile zipline thing? How much for the catamaran cruise?

So we have a travel show. That’s a plus since we don’t always get travel shows from the Travel Channel. We see a destination. That’s a plus. We get some good information like The Hangman and San Jose del Cabo. But it could certainly be better. We need more than a brief mention of San Jose del Cabo. We could do without the private villa and personal chef crap unless Samantha wants to tell us the price and I’m wrong about it being unaffordable.

Not a bad show, but not great either. Anyone else see it?

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  1. Amy says:

    I’ve watched her other travel shows, and find them annoying for that reason. You don’t know how much anything costs, and she stays in places regular people obviously couldn’t afford. On her Venice show, she stayed in some palatial hotel with an enormous room. When I went with my sister, we had a tiny room that cost $300 a night. I don’t mind if they show expensive things, but just let us know that we’re watching our fantasy vacation.

  2. pete rose says:

    Samantha Brown reminds of a particular girl in my 7th grade class. The most annoying,

    attention-seeking, twat in the whole school. Hey kids….lok at me!!


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