What are some good “second cities” for vacationing / honeymooning?

I was trying to think of a theme for this blog entry and I happened to find a few articles that I thought I could squeeze into the “honeymoon” theme.

This one is pretty obvious, saying that the honeymoon is important (no kidding!) and that you should plan it carefully. Luckily the article includes some advice including an example that makes it worthwhile. The author’s friend went to Paris for a week on her honeymoon but was too tired from planning her big wedding to do the usual touristy stuff like museums. So she and her new husband spent the week in cafe’s in Paris and now apparently the regret it.

The author (and I agree) says that a week of cafes in Paris sounds pretty great but people are different and this couple feels like they didn’t take advantage of their opportunity to see the cultural treasures of Paris. The author concludes that Budapest would have been better because they wouldn’t feel as guilt since the museums are not as world-famous.

I can see that. Although I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t make time for at least one museum in Paris. I mean it doesn’t take that much energy to visit a museum for an hour or two and how much coffee can you drink anyway? You have to do something besides sit in cafes…

But anyway, I think the point is an important one. When you’re planning a honeymoon you have to pick the right city and mode of travel and the two have to match your personality / expectations.

That brings me to this article on the World’s “second cities.” Now I had no idea the Florence and Barcelona are considered “second cities” – they seem pretty major to me. And the author writes that Florence is walkable (implying that Rome is not) yet my wife and I never got tired of walking around Rome on our honeymoon and you can always stop for a cappuccino or gelato or a meal when your feet do get tired. Sometimes we had to take the subway or bus but that didn’t ruin the honeymoon!

Now Lyon as an alternative to Paris makes sense to me and may have been a good option for the honeymooning couple discussed above. They feel bad for not taking advantage of Parisian museums? Maybe Lyon would have been better because they could have felt that they had seen a good chunk of it after a week, even without expending a ton of energy.

But then the next paragraph makes me think the article really is crazy:

For example, travelers to China may bypass Beijing for cities like Xian or Shanghai: “We’re seeing some real interest in the deeper, more unexplored parts of China.”

Since when is Shanghai “unexplored”?

The idea of visiting second cities makes sense, but this article fails miserably at naming them (with the exception of Lyon – that’s a nice suggestion).

So I ask you ti make up for that poor article. What are some second cities that are good vacation / honeymoon spots?

I would say Assisi in Italy where my wife and I sent a month on our honeymoon could be a good one. I still can’t believe that article called Florence and barcelona second cities. What are some real second cities?

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  1. Jenna says:

    Tel Aviv-Jaffa is actually a wondeful “second city” in Israel that few people really think about as a good place to spend a vacation, but that is actually an excellent place to relax, and perfect for a honeymoon destination.

    Most people going to Israel tend to focus on Jerusalem to the exclusion of nearly anything else. But like you mentioned, Jerusalem, with all its museums, historical sites, and must-see spots can be pretty overwhelming (a bit like Paris, Rome, or Athens).

    Tel Aviv, on the other hand, has wonderful, sunny, warm weather, fabulous beaches, excellent restaurants and cafes, great shopping, and all that. And historic Jaffa in the southern part of the city has just enough history, old buildings, twisting alleyways, and ancient ports, so the vacation doesn’t feel totally “wasted”, and you can get a good dip of history without drowning in it. Oh, and did I mention the fabulous, fine white sand Mediterranean beaches and endless sunshine?

    For a second option in the area, the Eilat/Akaba area is wonderful, as well. Great resort on the upper tip of the Red Sea, Akaba and the Dead Sea both fairly close by, and the northern-most coral reef in the world available right off shore, plus excellent resort hotels and that sort thing.

  2. Bikul says:

    If you are planning a honeymoon in a mesmerizing world of mist, mountains, waterfalls all in a dense forest, Lanternstay at wayanad is a goodshot.
    The nature has bestowed all its goodness to this small hill station of Kerala. This is the perfect place for all the couple’s seeking complete privacy.

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