What are your favorite travel romance movies / stories?

I finally watched In Bruges, which was the subject of a movie tourism article written by Sharon Slayton. Since that movie involves traveling and finding romance I started thinkgin about some of the many other films that do the same. It’s kind of like a Hollywood rule – travel and find romance. You’ve got Roman Holiday from 1953 and more recently you’ve got The Holiday. And there have certainly been some before, between and after those two movies.

So originally I was going to ask about your favorite travel romance film, but then I figured it would be more exciting to include personal stories (if you have had a travel romance you can talk about in public that is).

I’ll start with meeting my wife. I was 23 and had done almost no traveling when I came to Korea to teach English. Living in a small Korean city called Jinju, life was interesting. There were about 20 foreigners teaching in private language schools in Jinju and we got together fairly often. One of those get-togethers was a trip to a beach called Namhae. My wife was also on that trip because she was a Korean who taught English and had been invited by some foreigners. I asked for her number and two dates later she asked me to marry her.

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  1. Carol B. says:

    Two For The Road. A happy/sad very typique

    1960/70’s movie. Audry Hepburn Albert Finney. Covers the subject matter beautifully.

  2. Jane of arc says:

    The Sheik. A romantic travel adventure released in 1921. Learn about Lady Jane Digby, Isabelle Eberhardt, Emily Keene and Sally Nedrett. An erotic movie about female travel sex from 90 years ago!

  3. Vicki G says:

    Here’s an oldie, but goodie: “An Affair To Remember” with Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr. Younger folks may remember it because they kept showing parts of it in “Sleepless in Seattle.”

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