What did Michael Phelps do on his last vacation?

This article talks about Michael Phelps’ vacation in Portugal, specifically the Algarve.

By the way, over 3 years ago, we published a travel plan for Lisbon and the Algarve.

Anyway, it sounds like the greatest Olympian of all time just wanted to relax after winning those 8 gold medals – no doubt he would have found our travel plan a bit more active than his plan: relax, golf, go to nightclubs.

Of course there’s one big activity missing from that list: eating! Then again, a guy who eats a pound of pasta for dinner is probably eating too fast to taste the food anyway so we wouldn’t expect much of a restaurant review from America’s biggest Olympic story anyway.

Now changing subjects just slightly, if you ask me, Portugal’s tourist board made an error in its press release:

Michael Phelps left the Beijing Olympics with a record eight gold medals, adding to a career tally of 14, so where is the golden athlete heading next? The twenty-three year old American swimmer is on route with some friends to a golfing vacation in Portugal’s Algarve region. He will relax at Hotel Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas Resort and Spa, and enjoy some of the best golf in the world, up to par for one of the world’s best swimmers.

How is Michael Phelps one of the best instead of the best swimmer in the world?

Anyway, Phelps did say he would return to the Algarve if he had a chance. Maybe next time he can try our travel plan. For now he’s too busy giving swimming lessons. Have you ever seen a pool so crowded? Actually the water park I went to in Ducksan was close but there were more people in the water and fewer people taking pictures.

My apologies to all you golfers reading this. I can’t say much about golfing in Portugal. I’m not much of a golfer (though I have a cool story about a Buddhist monk trying to teach me how to swing a club in a little driving range set up behind a temple) and all I have for you is this old article on golfing in Vegas.

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