What I’ll be dreaming / planning the next four days

The next four days I’ll be working on a test that’s so top secret we’ll all be sequestered in a hotel with no access to the outside world. So no internet and no blogging. So when I’m not blogging here, I’m scheming, trying to think up new vacation possibilities.

This winter, I might try to go somewhere not too long a flight from Seoul, possibly Borneo (4.5 hours according to one of my students). But long time readers of this blog will know that Italy is always a possibility.

It won’t make sense if I go a lone, but if I manage to put a group of friends together I’ve always wanted to rent a villa. It’s just a travel thing I haven’t done yet. I’ve camped, stayed in lots of hotels, some hostels, B&Bs, people’s homes, even my car. Never a luxury villa though.

So where in Italy have I blogged about but not visited yet? Well, a few places but Tuscany stands out. I mean I was in Florence for one day but that hardly counts. So where do you go in Tuscany? There’s Siena for starters. And where to stay? Well if I get that group together, a Tuscany villa would be good.

And while I remember writing about villas in Tuscany before, earlier this year even, I don’t remember such a huge price disparity. How about a Tuscany villa with pool? Many of these seem to overlook the coast, but there are some farmhouses in there as well. Monte Argentario and Porto Ercole seem to be popular locations and prices seem to be $350 – $5,000 / day.

A lot of villas look pretty secluded and while some seclusion is good, there is something to be said for being part of the town you’re staying in – I guess you have to find the right town first and then the right location within that town. And hope it’s not one of the $5,000 per day villas.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Farmhouses in Tuscany are popular. For example, in San Casciano in Valdi di Pesa, farmhouse for $865/week. The town is about 12 miles south of Florence. Check out agriturismo.net for more good information, map, etc…

    Another possibility is Greve in the Chianti region. Villa Gentile there rents for around $145-$273/night, sleeps 8. Greve is about an hour bus ride from Florence, not sure of mileage…

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