What is hard travel?

A friend of mine who has spen many years living and traveling in India and Nepal once called India “hard travel”. This vidoe of a train ride in India reminded me of that statement and that I wanted to blog about it to get your opinions on hard travel. So what is hard travel?

Being on this train would certainly qualify:

However the term “hard travel” doesn’t seem to be that common. A Google search showed me lots of hard travel cases, but that’s about it.

So let me ask you, what is hard travel? Have you experienced it, heard about it, seen videos of it?

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  1. ben Turton says:

    i’ve spent 14 months in india over 3 trips and would not call it hard travel. English is widely spoken, the public transport is fantastic, people are lovely, food is good… i was living on about £5 a day it is not a luxury holiday and a very different culture, perhaps that is what hard travel is…. Also india trains are amazing!!!! everyone should do it so much to be learnt!

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