What makes a good road trip?

This article on road trips made Yahoo’s front page. California gets 2 of the top 10. The others go to Maine, North Carolina / Virginia, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, and Georgia.

In looking over the road trips on this blog, it seems that like in the article California is well represented…

California road trip

Another CA road trip

Stuff to do between LA and San Francisco

17 mile drive & the lone cypress

Jamaica road trip

Road trip based on Elizabethtown

I think it’s worth pointing out that when the article says best road trips they really mean the most scenic. I would say that the best road trips are usually based on your company or what you do along the route.

For example I still remember one winter break in college when a friend and I drove from new Jersey to Orlando over 2 or 3 weeks. Then back to Jersey in a day. It was driving from youth hostel to youth hostel and seeing some small towns along the way plus meeting cool people in the Orlando youth hostel that made that trip memorable.

And I remember driving alone from new Jersey to New Orleans for Mardi Gras not long after graduating college. The drive itself wasn’t that great actually – no company (some good music I think though) and no stops worth mentioning.

I also remember driving to a Phish concert with some friends while in college. New Jersey to Lake Placid and driving to Ohio for a LARP in 2007. Nether road trip was long or scenic but both are great memories thanks to the company.

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