What small islands have you visited?

Here’s an article on travelling to small islands and how they make great travel destinations. The smallest island I’ve been to was So Mae Mul Do in South Korea.

So Mae Mul Island had 28 people living on it when I went. There was one store where you could buy bottled drinks and snacks and stuff. You had to find the owner to open it if you wanted something. There was one cafe. Again, you had to find the owner to open for business. I talk about it a lot but it wasn’t really that fun – just different. I don’t think I’m going back.

Next would be Capri in Italy. I am going back there some day. I wouldn’t call Jeju a small island, but it’s not huge. I wrote about Love Land a few days ago and this article mentions that plus some of Jeju’s other tourist attractions.

What small islands have you been to?

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  1. Beno says:

    I’ve been to La Digue which is part of the Seychelles. The island has around 2000 people living on it.

    Also, cousine and curiese islands which are also part of Seychelles but are nature reserves which only couple of volunteers living on it.

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