What will TSA do with 40 million dollars worth of full body scanners?

TSA will stop using full body scanners because…

“Due to its inability to deploy non-imaging Automated Target Recognition (ATR) software by the Congressionally-mandated June 2013 deadline, TSA has terminated its contract with Rapiscan,” the agency said on its website. “By June 2013 travelers will only see machines which have ATR that allow for faster throughput. This means faster lanes for the traveler and enhanced security. As always, use of this technology is optional.”

This probably means that the 40 million they spent on the machines has basically been flushed down the toilet to fix a problem that didn’t exist since I don’t think you need nude pictures of a person to determine if they have weapons. TSA could have used that money for better training and higher salaries which would draw candidates who don’t do stupid stuff and make stupid statements.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. What a waste of taxpayer dollars, all for the sake of “safety”. Would it not have been better (and far cheaper) to just give those trained TSA agents wands to scan us with, like those they use when we go to concerts? No. Instead they need to spend millions to scan right through our clothing.

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