What’s happening in Europe: Jessica Simpson is there and some advice for the rest of us (who wish we were there)

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are “taking a lovers’ vacation in Europe” and Access Hollywood has a few photos. Speaking of European vacations, has anyone seen the movie European Vacation? It’s a French movie with an American title according to this review calling the movie a “tourist rubdown”. I haven’t but I think my wife and I might like it.

Moving on to the real travel articles, but still on the European travel topic, here’s an article (this isn’t the kind of newspaper site I usually link to, but they are just as good as the newspapers at making room for ads – I know you need a few ads but still… Anyway, if you look past the ads it is a decent article) for people who want to show their kids a bit of Europe without giving them too much. The idea is that by taking a cruise you and the kids get to see a few different places without being too rushed (and without having to pack and unpack a bunch of times).

We also have an article on medical tourism in Europe. At least some people in Malta wish their tourism and medical industries were able to compete with countries like Hungary: “Hungary draws large numbers of patients from Western Europe and the US for high-quality cosmetic and dental procedures that cost half of what they would in Germany and America.”

I really like this article on some of the best (but little known) web sites for people planning to go to Europe. Those sites should keep you busy for a while, and if you’re like me you’ll be taking notes on possible vacations while you explore the web.

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