What’s the most romantic spot you’ve found on your travels?

I was just cleaning up some old papers and one of my students was writing about Hong Kong. His local friend introduced him to a restaurant called Aqua Rome, Tokyo and attached bar called Aqua Spirit on Avenue of Stars.

I ordered wagyu beef, lobster, and diablo pizza. The taste was too good to be true. It’s located on the 30th floor of the building and right in front of it is Victoria Harbor so you can fully enjoy the night view of Hong Kong. The atmosphere was so awesome that I will bring my girlfriend here when I propose to her. I strongly recommend this spot. It’s just great.

So this got me thinking, what left such a strong impression on me?

I certainly thought the night views of Hong Kong would be romantic if I hadn’t been traveling with my friend Matt. My wife and I had our honeymoon in Rome and there were some great romantic places there, like Trevi Fountain. And Assisi was probably more romantic – less fancy but older and less crowded. And since then we’ve been to Madrid and Paris – beautiful cities to be sure. But I’d have to say the biggest impact was walking around Le Louvre at night. I remember telling my wife I could go to bed happy every night if I walked around the Louvre before going to sleep.

So why had a similarly big impact on you? Do you know where you’re going to propose? Do you have a spot where a walk a day would make you happy?

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  1. Kevin says:

    Anakena beach on Easter Island…the approach to the beach is shaded by lovely palm trees and the beach itself is crescent shaped with beautiful white sand. The fact that there’s a line of moai on the approach doesn’t hurt either. : )

  2. Cary T says:

    My wife and I love sunsets at the Ko Olina resort on Oahu, Hawaii, just west of Pearl Harbor. They have 4 large, beautiful lagoons. Recently, the Aulani, the first Disney resort apart from their amusement parks, opened on one of the lagoons. While we’ve eaten at the Aulani, our favorite place is two lagoons over at the Marriott timeshare, a little beach bar named Longboards, formerly Kolohe’s. We’ve never had a bad meal or a disappointing sunset.

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