What’s the weirdest store you’ve ever seen? The strangest sales pitch you’ve ever heard?

What’s the weirdest store you’ve ever seen?

Today I was walking from my apartment to the supermarket and I noticed a shop that I must have passed 100 times before (actually my wife noticed). They sell shoes and dresses and the woman inside was giving a man a haircut. And then we noticed they sell cigarettes too.

My wife said that could only happen in Korea though she had never seen that kind of combination of products and services before either.

What’s the strangest sales pitch you’ve ever heard?

I don’t remember hearing any extraordinary sales pitches, but a good friend of mine was in Egypt when a salesman said that if she didn’t purchase anything he would beat his wife when he got home. How do you come up with such a crazy sales pitch? Does it work? My friend didn’t buy.

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  1. Carol says:

    In a large Mexican market area… a very cute 4-5 year old boy tugging on my shirt saying “Hey lady— come in and let me rip you off”.

  2. jeanne says:

    We laugh at the Dairy Queen ice cream shop that does your income taxes at a booth in the back of the shop. No discounts for the ice cream.

  3. Laurie says:

    As I inched through a Mexican border town market, mobbed by vendors and street urchins, a shopkeeper tried to lure me into his store by insisting, “Senorita, I got better junk!”

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