What’s your style: gambling vacations or yoga vacations?

I have an article on yoga vacations and another on gambling vacations.

Both types of vacation promise the chance for a new life. It’s just that at the casino you have hit a jackpot when you’re more likely to lose money. At the yoga retreat you’re supposed to find inner peace. Honestly, I’m not sure I like your chances either way.

The yoga article talks about people spending $500/night in Arizona or $8,000 for 10 days in Kerala, India. Clearly, when you spend that kind of money you get to relax but can you really buy inner peace at a yoga resort?

Don’t get me wrong though. I would take the yoga vacation (not interested in gambling) – I just wouldn’t expect to suddenly find inner peace.

Anyway, my question is: Have any of you been to a yoga resort or on a yoga retreat?

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  1. Tom says:

    I just finished a weekend vacation at Jorma Koukonen’s Fur Peace Guitar Camp filled with music instruction, student performances, unlimited support and concerts. Each of my sessions with an excellent young guitarist began with a few minutes of yoga warm-up. Al meals were gourmet quality. I consider this a pretty well perfect vactaion.

  2. art says:

    if you know and love yourself and then others–you don’t need to gamble or yogurtize for any other reason than a recreational reward for the wonderful fact that you still have life and HAVE THE MEANS TO DO IT !!!

  3. kim hwa shin says:

    Unfortunately, i hate both of them. Surely when i was in las vegas i really enjoyed gambling. But if i had to do it for the chance of a new life, for a crazy dream, i politely refuse to do that and moreover i also hate to find inner peace by yoga. you know, travel is just travel. i don’t put the extreme goals between travels except valuable memory and experience through them.

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