Where are you going for Christmas and/or New Year? Are you driving?

“The year-end holiday season remains the least volatile of all travel holidays as Americans will not let economic conditions or high gas prices dictate if they go home for the holidays or kick off the New Year with a vacation,” say AAA president and CEO Robert Darbelnet.

Based on interviews with 655 Americans, AAA is predicting that 93.3 million Americans will be driving for the holidays, 400,000 people shy of the 2006 record. That’s about 25% of Americans on the road in two weeks or less. I’ll be one of them.

AAA estimates gas prices between 3.20 and 3.40, record high for the season even though gas has dropped 50 cents a gallon on average since September. I was thrilled to pay 3.13 today. I’m a little scared of driving up I-95 through DC and NY on my way to Boston.

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  1. Jordin says:

    I’m about to have my vacation on Stonehurst Manor in New Hampshire next week to spend my Christmas break with my family there. We’ll be driving our camper van just to get there so I hope that the gas price will mark down so we can save a lot for our trip.

  2. tony says:

    This year were making our second annual holiday trip to Duluth, MN to visit the Edgewater Resort & Waterpark. The kids had so much fun last year they never stopped talking about it! It gives us a tropical atmosphere in the middle of a northern winter.

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