Where do you consider retiring?

This Yahoo article on retirement shares how one guy retired comfortably. Him and his wife seem to make good money, but they also retired in Panama instead of in America, where, according to the article, they live on $34,000 / year.

I got to thinking – I’ve never been to Panama, but I would consider retiring in a foreign country if it meant retiring 10 years sooner or something. At least I’d consider it, although I’m lucky in that most of the time I like my work. So where would I consider retiring? Malaysia comes to mind – People speak English, Cheap Indian food all over, warm, exotic, affordable.

I’ve talked to people who retired in Mexico. They live in a gated community and are surrounded by non-Mexican neighbors. They were happy but I’m not sure that’s my kind of thing.

And naturally there are places I’d like to retire that might not save me any money – Italy for one.

And then there’s the 55+ active adult community where I live now. Being 35, I don’t have many friends my own age in the neighborhood. But I am thrilled that there are few kids running around. Half the time I have the pool all to myself. Central Florida’s weather is pretty nice – a bit hot in the summer but that doesn’t bother me much (as you may have guessed from my mentioning Malaysia above). But you pay – 300 a month in homeowner’s fees for the landscaping and the pools, and the security. Still, people who live here call it a permanent vacation – that’s got to be worth something. My wife and I are ready to leave though.

So where do you consider retiring? In only your home country or in some other places as well?

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  1. Claudia G says:

    I feel like most people start thinking about retirement as soon as they start working. That is how it was for me at least. I feel like it’s hard to pin point your last destination, that perfect place to spend the rest of your days enjoying life and everything it has to offer. My parents just retired so it has been on my mind and yes, Italy is the dream but man would that be expensive. I want to stay in the states purely because I’m used to everything here. My parents retired to Florida (obvious), cute town called Palm Bay. They love it and I love visiting them when I get the chance. I stay at this great place, the Palm Bay Hotel (www.palmbay-hotel.com). Affordable and has everything I might need in a hotel and then some!

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