Where do you honeymoon after an outerspace wedding?

Sorry for yesterday’s weak entry – after 12 hours of sleep with no taxes to worry about I feel like blogging again!

According to this article, couples are planning space destination weddings and companies like Rocketplane Limited in Oklahoma and Virgin Galactic (the world’s first spaceline founded by Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson) are there to charge help (and collect half a million bucks per wedding).

I didn’t think you honeymoon in space but I was wrong. Sapce weddings are still a few years away so “For George and Loretta Whitesides, three years was too long of a wait to get married, but they had no problem deciding to wait that long to be the world’s first couple to honeymoon in space.” The honeymoon in space lasts longer than the wedding (2.5 hours) and costs less ($400,000). Is that a space travel bargain?

For real people with less money, we have other stories. Here’s one about a guy who gets out of the navy, gets a job, books a honeymoon, and then gets reactivated (for the third time in 5 years). Orbitz and Alitalia refuse to give him a refund until the newspapers and the treat of bad press get involved.

I say it’s too late for Orbitz and Alitalia to avoid the bad press. Shame on both companies but especially Orbitz. Alitlaia serves Americans, but Orbitz is actually an American company. For an American company to show such disregard for our troops (the guy is already in a tough spot getting reactivated for the third time in 5 years) is disgusting.

We also have an article on honeymoons in Costa Rica and Belize. Apparently eco-tourism honeymoons are becoming more popular and couples want to do more than just lie on a beach. They go surfing, zipline through jungle, swim under waterfalls, and explore ancient Mayan ruins.

This is one of those best 10 articles so you can also read about Turks and Caicos, Croatia, St Lucia, Bora Bora, Thailand, New Zealand, Africa, Scotland, and Marrakesh. I’ve blogged about only a few of these but I would choose New Zealand if I had to choose right now. You could take a cruise, hike on glaciers, or do some movie tourism (Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia).

Actually though I went to Italy for my honeymoon, which was recently voted the most romantic destination:

Valerio Scoyni, Managing Director of The Italian Tourist Board says: “We are thrilled that Italy has been voted number one. Italy is country of extremes, with something to offer everyone: from snow-iced mountains to hot lazy Mediterranean beaches, from unspoilt fishing villages to cities that have bustled for thousands of years. The rich cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, unique architecture, stylish people, beautiful food and exquisite wines means that it would be difficult for anyone not to find some romance here.”

This survey is part of a Holiday movie promotion. Actually in Korea they called it Romantic Holiday.

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