Where have you seen the worst crowds during your travels?

I’ve seen some pretty good crowds while living in Seoul. In New York as well, although I find crowds in Seoul far more stressful. I remember being on the subway during Seoul rush hour and trying to get off the train. Every morning I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get off the train – the secret is you have to push. And since it’s so packed you’re pushing pretty hard; not hard enough to hurt anyone but hard enough to start a fight in America.

In fact I’m reminded of a time in New Orleans on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. It was packed and I was shuffling along, very slowly, with the crowd. Some kids, about my age (21 at the time), started pushing me from behind. Not as hard as I’ve pushed and been pushed in Korea, but we ended up shouting at each other until the threat of violence made the pushing stop. In other words, we almost got into a fight. Yet, similar pushing I experienced every morning in Seoul.

I mention it because of a video a friend pointed out to me. It looks like Beijing would be even worse, much worse actually.

Where have you seen the worst crowds during your travels?

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  1. Sharon says:

    I think NYC has the record, every day but especially during the holiday season. Years ago, when I worked in the City, the crowds on the subway and the streets were a nightmare. I was offered a job at the World Trade Center before 9/11 (which I’m glad I didn’t take),and turned it down primarily because of the commuting crowds. I’ve also seen crowds in London,Vegas,and Mexico City, but not as crowded in Paris or Athens. Crowds at folk festivals, theatre, and sports events here in Texas are almost as bad.

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