Where to start? Latei cafe and In De Waag restaurant / cafe in Amsterdam

So I’m all moved in to my new apartment. Of course all moved in doesn’t mean totally organized and I found a bunch of travel things I’ve been saving to blog about some day…

Today I’ll briefly mention Latei a cafe and shop (not a coffee shop) in Amsterdam. Zeedijk 143, 1012 AW Amsterdam for the cafe (which has a bunch of stuff for sale but is not the shop apparently). It’s very central, close to Nieumarkt. You have to be in that area anyway for In De Waag (pictured here).

We were here on December 31st, 2009 – it’s the “cute, little cafe” I mention in this old blog entry about my trip to Amsterdam.

The cappucino was good but my wife liked the “coziness” most of all. I liked that the servers were pretty friendly explaining the different pastries and stuff. There weren’t a ton but we did try a New Year’s traditional Dutch pastry. I can’t remember the name and it wasn’t great, but it was alright and I’m glad I tried it.

Now, moving on. I also found a receipt from In De Waag where we ended up eating twice. The service wasn’t great the first time but it’s cool inside and the food is good. Our first time we had dinner. I ordered the 3 course meal for 34 euros and my wife had a salad for 11. That was enough food because I shared my stuff and my wife was trying not to eat much. After water and tax the bill was about 50 euros and I’m sure we tipped something but the server was pretty forgetful so maybe not that much!

I ended up with carrot / tomato soup, roast duck on potatoes and mushrooms, and some kind of dessert I don’t remember. I had wanted some kind of pumpkin entree but they didn’t have it that night. My wife’s salad was good – it featured some kind of fried goat cheese.

The second time we ate there it was for lunch. My hamburger and fries was pretty good. My wife had a soup plus sandwich combo and we shared. That meal was much cheaper – probably less than 30 euros although I haven’t turned up that receipt yet.

They also have a cafe in In De Waag. I think we had cappuccinos there at the bar while waiting for a table that first night. The price was about average 2.50 euros and they were good.

Well there we go – two recommended places in Amsterdam. I can now get rid of 2 tiny pieces of paper. My new apartment will be organized in no time!

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