Where would you go to make an anniversary holiday more like a second honeymoon?

My wife and I had our 13th anniversary a few days ago. Every August we begin thinking about a second honeymoon – not just a trip but an another honeymoon. This year, resorts were the main topic of discussion because friends recently told us about their honeymoon holiday in Mauritius. This was their second honeymoon and their 15th anniversary. Their first honeymoon was at Woodstock 1999 – more on that later but let’s just say that Woodstock 99 was not great honeymoon material.

Mauritius, our friends say, is perfect honeymoon material. Mauritius has mountain views, turquoise seas, palm trees, and white sandy beaches. Our friends spent 4 of 6 days in their resort. They relaxed on the beach, played in the pool, ate and drank whenever they felt like it, napped on the beach, snorkeled and swam in the ocean, practiced archery (good for a possible future zombie apocalypse), rose horses, and played golf. Other days, they would take day trips. They had a guide for Les 7 Cascades. Hiking at the Seven Cascades, means great scenery as long as you have hiking boots. It also means playing underneath a waterfall as long as you bring your bathing suit. You may also want to bring a light raincoat. Another day they rented a scooter from their hotel and toured the island, noting that Port Louis waterfront and market and Grand Bay are especially worthwhile.

So let me interrupt our friends’ story with my own thought for my second honeymoon. The second honeymoon has to be low-stress. Our first honeymoon involved me taking a language teaching course in Rome for the first month. I didn’t get to pay much attention to my beautiful new bride because of school. Then we went to Assisi, which was much better because we spent all our time together. But Assisi was still not stress-free. We still had to find accommodation and find our way around the (thankfully small) city. I think getting lost was a stressor and the expenses of eating out maybe stressed us out some too. We were simply too poor for a 9 week honeymoon, but we did it anyway.

So to make the second honeymoon low stress, you want to budget the trip – make it a week instead of a couple months so you don’t have to try to honeymoon on the cheap. Take our friends for example. When they arrived, friendly tour operators met them. The tour operators took care of the luggage and took them to the resort. There they received a welcome drink and an ice towel to help cool off. Hotel staff delivered their luggage to the room. The room had a great view of the bay, “Just Married” sandals, and letter from the Hotel. They didn’t have any of that stuff at Woodstock 99 and we didn’t have any of that stuff when we did Italy on a shoestring budget. I guess it’s those luxury things that make you feel pampered, like you’re honeymooning. Of course I still need to test that theory.

Our friends option included breakfast and dinners. They received a complimentary foot massage at the hotel’s spa. They had a romantic dinner at Chateau Mon Desir (a five star restaurant). They certainly didn’t have gourmet meals at Woodstock 99 (although the prices were gourmet-like) and I don’t think anyone there was touching anyone else’s feet. We had it a little better in Assisi – there was one restaurant, Il Duomo, that we loved and visited probably 20 times during our stay. No massages for us either though.

So what do you think makes a holiday a second honeymoon? Is it relaxing on the beach? Getting pampered at the spa? Luxury vs. budget travel? Would you recommend Mauritius for a second honeymoon?

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