Which countries are best for travelers with furkids?

My wife and I consider our two dogs our babies. Usually they are lower maintenance than real babies, except for incidents like last night, when Libby managed to get peanut butter all over her snout. Since she hates getting her face cleaned, pulling peanut butter out of her fur and washing her face involved a few tooth marks and a little blood.

Anyway, Korea wasn’t the most dog friendly country to live in although we could travel a little bit and stay in dog friendly pensions, which are independently owned motels usually situated in rural areas. We were always impressed in Europe though. In Switzerland we saw dogs inside restaurants. In Finland we saw dogs on the bus. In South West England they have a big network of dog-friendly self-catering holiday cottages. We always thought stuff like that was pretty cool.

In England, where luxury dog hotles are a thing and one doggie can win a $73,000 holiday package, furkids are normally allowed on buses although there was a big controversy a few years ago when passengers were not allowed to board with dogs when a Muslim driver or passenger was on the bus.

So usually you can take your furkid anywhere in England. The dog friendly cottage network I link to above has some ideas for dog friendly vacations:

Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and Somerset boast some of the best beaches available to dog walkers in the UK. I’m not sure what percentage of beaches are dog friendly in the US and in England, but I know I’ve turned down several press trips to beaches in the southern US because they were not dog-friendly. We did find St. George Island, which isn’t too far from me here in Tallahassee, to be a nice dog friendly beach. Plus in September, while the weather is awesome, the crowds are gone.

Exmoor and Dartmoor supply hundreds of tailored walks… I’ve written about some nature trails and things in a few travel plans for England. This website makes sure to mention that in addition to rolling hills, mystical woods, stunning reservoirs, and hundreds of miles of moorland, you also get to stop at numerous furkid friendly pubs. How friendly is dog friendly though? Are dogs allowed inside like in Switzerland or do they need to remain outside, which is the definition of dog friendly in America and Korea?

So which countries do you think are the best for dog owners, especially when it comes to domestic travel?

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