Who gets botox on vacation?

I just read a press release from the Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety (anyone else find that name weird?) that warns patients of the dangers of accepting Botox(R), Restylane(R) or any other cosmetic injection or procedure from unfamiliar physicians during vacation. I started thinking who does that anyway?

But I was thinking of a normal vacation – one that wasn’t planned around a medical procedure. Then I remembered the whole medical tourism industry and that many people are going abroad for cosmetic surgery. You can save a ton of money. And you can get quality medical care – the Patients Beyond Borders book said Brazil is well-known for plastic surgeons for example. And there’s the Jude Jarvis tragedy.

I guess the trick is to plan it right. The book I reviewed before discusses how to plan a medical vacation and find the right doctor. There may be other books on the market now but I don’t know what they are.

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  1. Larry says:

    And if thats not enough, how about a Botox cruise, soon NCL will be offering Botox and other injectable in their spa’s onboard.

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