Who knows about the proposed US passport rules?

A few days ago I wrote about how the US government was considering requiring passprts of travelers returning from Mexioc, Canada, and other countries where currenty a US driver’s license would suffice.

Seems no one asked Bush what he thought before making the announcement:

Bush, a former Texas governor, said he has ordered a review of the rules. “If people have to have a passport, it’s going to disrupt the honest flow of traffic. I think there’s some flexibility in the law, and that’s what we’re checking out right now,” the president said.

“On the larger scale, we’ve got a lot to do to enforce the border,” he said.

In December, Bush signed into law an intelligence overhaul that requires tighter border security against terrorists and was the basis for the passport proposal. The White House did not say why the president was unaware of the plans, which his administration announced a week ago.

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  1. DDahl says:

    Of much greater concern is the plan to put tracking technology in each passport. The Radio Frequency Indentification (RFID) would allow anyone with a powerful reader to access private information without the passport holders’ knowledge.

  2. daniel queen says:

    I really don’t mind the requirement of having a passport to travel to and from Canada or Mexico, but I would never support the RFID, nor anything similar to that nature.

  3. Proteus says:

    It is a sign of the times… for far too long, decent law abiding people have stood still and allowed corrupt individuals to prosper. Now it is apparent that corruption and unrespectable individuals have acquired footing in areas to which they are to represent our society. I am saddened to know that people of this country are no more than mindless sheep; eager followers who are easily swayed by greed and smooth talkers. As a part of this society, we must own up to OUR responsibility… we must always search for the truth!! OUR brave soldiers are not THERE to protect us from nuclear terrorism… the US Soldiers did not find any NUCLEAR products that the ‘officials/media’ were telling us that were there… we entered into this war on a lie… what more are we willing to do for that lie?

    “the president was unaware of the plans”, I highly doubt that. Wake up society, we must all seek the truth and not be mindless sheep.

  4. Winston says:

    Why have they closed the VA hospital The Regional hospital for Houston and surrounding States, this is something vital to our troops

    of today wars as well as the past wars that kept our country safe, and here we are letting our Troops die at home because of not enough hospital beds or space; We might as well be the Enemy!

  5. Diana says:

    What do these comments have to do with passports? Please take your political opinions to the appropriate site. Thank you.

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