Who watches House Hunters International on HGTV?

Now that I live in America, I find myself watching some American TV. One show I sometimes enjoy is House Hunters International because you get to see what a certain amount of money can buy in a place that would be at least cool to visit and possibly cool to live in.

The other day I saw one where they were visiting some Italian towns, including Trivigno, so small that there was no real estate agent. Instead the mayor was showing these folks around.

Here’s another one that surprised me:

Oceanview homes for 200,000 US seems about as cheap as the spots in Southeast Asia that get talked about in Korea (like the Philippines).

I don’t know if I’ll soon tire of it, but for now, with no really good travel shows on that I know of, House Hunters International has been pretty good.

And I learned that 300,000 US can buy you a small house in Canterbury. Although canterbury is a place I’d love to go back to for another visit but it’s not that high up on my list of places to live. A month there would be great though.

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