Why is Vancouver so popular with English learners?

I meet a lot of non-native English speakers who go abroad to study. The other day I was talking to a guy who went to Toronto for a semester and I said, “Toronto?”

It’s not that I’ve never heard of Toronto but I usually hear Vancouver instead. Vancouver is a wildly popular destination for people who want to study English abroad (this Rocky Coach Tour review was written by a student who had studied in Vancouver). Now it is a bit closer to Korea and Japan than Toronto and a lot of other places but so is Hawaii and so is Alaska. How did Vancouver get so popular?

Students who have been to Vancouver tell me that it is a beautiful city.As they say in that ad, Vancouver restaurants are supposed to be very good. However, most of the students I’ve talked to seemed to end up in Vancouver because of word-of-mouth advertising; that’s where their friends went so that’s where they went.

I did a search for Vancouver tourism marketing but I wasn’t able to find any concerted effort to market to English learners. Am I missing something or is Vancouver’s popularity for English learning really just based on word-of-mouth advertising?

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