Wifi in Seattle’s airport

Don’t get confused by verb tense; I wrote this over a week ago but forgot to post it. I’ll try to find something more interesting for tonight and tomorrow I hope to publish my comprehensive NCL cruise review.

So the cruise is over. We got off the boat around 10:00 and headed to Seattle Art Museum where we spent the day. Now it’s around 6:00 and we’re in the airport (our flight leaves at 9:45). I figured I’d pass the time blogging and while I’m able to write, I have no internet access. I thought most airports had free wifi, but in Seattle you have to pay AT&T:

High-speed wireless Internet access, provided by AT&T, is available to laptop users everywhere at Sea-Tac except the subway and upper floors of the garage. There is a $7.95 fee for 24 hours of access for non-AT&T subscribers.

$8 may not seem too bad since I have 3 hours or so, but I’m feeling pretty cheap so I will write offline now and post this stuff later. Too bad I wasn’t feeling a bit more thrifty on the cruise…

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  1. val says:

    same goes for Chicago airport. At least now they offer power stations so you can power up.

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