Win some Unwind (TM)

So you want to win a few bottles of Unwind, a lightly-carbonated relaxation drink?

1. Go to their Facebook page.

2. Become a fan.

3. Write something on their wall like “ sent me here to Unwind!”

The more entrants we get, the more winners they pick so don’t be shy. If only a few people enter there will only be one winner but if a bunch of people enter they will pick up to 3 winners. Plus me – as the blog owner I already got mine and will be reviewing it shortly! Entries must be made by Friday September 10, 2010. One entry per person please. Winners will be chose by Unwind randomly and notified via Facebook. Once winners give UnWind their address, the Unwind will be Fed Exed. I’m guessing they only want to ship to US addresses but I’m double checking on this.

More info:

Unwind (TM) is a low-calorie, low-sugar, relaxation aid containing melatonin, rose hips, and valerian root (these are the calming properties). It is aimed at helping travelers reduce travel stress. Too bad I didn’t have any in Charles de Gaulle Airport but at least I can drink some now since I just received some duty-free shopping receipt in the mail from France and I have no idea why they are sending it to me over 2 years after I did my shopping.

With 40 calories and 10 grams of sugar per 12 oz. can, Unwind is the healthiest of its class and is available in three lightly-carbonated flavors – Goji Grape, Pom Berry, and Citrus Orange. it is among one of 2010’s ‘top trends’ as named by ‘Good Morning America’ and ‘The View’.

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  1. Debbie C. says:

    I just found about you guys (recommended) and so far I love you. This “Unwind” drink sounds super and like something that I could really use! The other contests and giveaways sound great too. I plan to read your Blog, and learn from your advice and plan for my next trip! Thanks!

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