Wrapping up the Amsterdam summary: Dec. 30 – Jan. 2

Don’t get confused – this one is out of order. I’m already on my second day in Paris but this entry was written on my last day in Amserdam (yesterday actually). It follows from the entry about the rude ticket lady in Amsterdam.

By the time we had our tickets, it was to late for the Anne Frank House. Instead we walked around the central area checking out the shops mostly. We haven’t really done any shopping here in Amsterdam – the sales just aren’t as impressive as we saw last year in London and 2 years ago in Spain. We’re hoping Paris will be better as far as

sales go. Then again, I have no problem not spending money…

On Dec. 31st we had plans to go to the Anne Frank House. We were in a cute little cafe eating brunch when I noticed that the Anne Frank House was open Jan 1st. My wife said we should do it then since most stuff was closed on the 1st. So we walked around (found some markets, a flower market and a flea market with various second hand clothes and things) and then went to Rembrandplein.

This is another pretty busy shopping area that required us to do some more walking around. We also tried a Burger place. This Dutch (I assume) place had seating available while the Burger King and McDonald’s (not that I would ever go to either) nearby were overflowing.

We actually did end up in McDonald’s after eating in that other burger place because that’s where they send their customers who have to go to the bathroom. Interestingly you have to pay .30 euro to use the bathroom in McDonald’s. I knew about paying for bathrooms in Europe and we paid .50 in the train station but I was still suprised to be

paying in McDonald’s.

We went back to the room early and napped until 11:30. We were going to watch fireworks on TV so we wouldn’t have to deal with any crowds but then my wife noticed that we could see fireworks out our hotel window. Pretty lucky!

New Year’s Day came next. After some overpriced Chinese food we finally got to the Anne Frank House. We asked some people online how long they had been waiting and it was over an hour. They sugested buying tickets online if we could come back. That’s the new plan.

We walked North to the Jordaan area but my wife was too cold and bored to explore much – seemed like just about everything save for a few cafes was closed. So we went to the Dam area and walked around some more. Eventually we ended up in a new area that was pretty busy. We had some good Italian food and then started making our way back to the hotel.

The Holiday Inn Amsterdam is pretty inconveneintly located for tourists. It’s about 25 minutes, maybe more, to Central Station on the tram. Plus you typically wait for trams which don’t come as often as Seoul subways. And the connections aren’t that convenient. It worked out nicely with the view of the fireworks and the hotel itself was nice and we got a good price through Priceline, but I have no idea how Priceline calls this a central hotel…

Anyway, today is Jan. 2 and though I have left out a few details, especially the names of restaurants which I hope to add in to a travel plan later, I consider my blog more or less up to date. Now it’s time for me to catch my train to Paris.

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  1. bill morgan says:

    Looks to me like you’re a crybaby who can’t spell very well.

  2. James Trotta says:

    I’m pretty happy so not sure why I’d seem like a crybaby. And I’m actually a great speller (in English) but a weak typer…

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