Yoga on vacation – how much should it cost? How should it be marketed?

Today I saw two Yoga / vacation resort ads. One from Groupon I might buy. And one from Four Seasons Maui that made me angry.

$850 for 5 nights in Costa Rica (through groupon, the normal price is 1700 something), for two. Includes breakfast, dinner, one yoga class. I can’t seem to link directly to the thing so find Getaways and then “Samasati Nature Retreat – Limon, Costa Rica, 5-Night Stay for Two in Private Caribbean Bungalow Room. Combine Up to 10 Nights.”


$3800 for one at the Four Seasons Resort Maui and an event called “The Body, Mind, Spirit Equation: a Yoga Retreat” from February 27-March 3, 2012.

This will be led by “sought-after Kathryn Budig, a Los Angeles-based instructor whose clientele includes celebrities.” Luckily I know that just because something is associated with celebrities doesn’t make it especially valuable. I guess that’s extra true of unnamed celebrities. And the press release I got doesn’t name names.

Another thing from the press release I have to question is the claim that, “This retreat is perfect for students at all levels of practice.” Perfect for everyone? Yeah right. I’ve done yoga workouts that were too easy and tried others that were too hard. Plus some people go for all that meditative stuff while others just want to get a workout.

Not that it wouldn’t be fun…

But what I really hate how she says if you don’t put yourself first sometimes you’re doing a disservice to the world. I agree with the statement, but not that that putting yourself first requires you to spend $3800/ person. Right before checking my email and finding this press release, I had just done some yoga in my home as two stray dogs I rescued lay next to me on the edge of my mat. I like it better that way – I can save a few stray dogs with $3800 and still put myself first and do some yoga.

Now if you choose, to do the Maui yoga thing, I don’t blame you. I like yoga. I think I’d like Maui. But the way these people are trying to sell it bothers me. At the end of the video she says she feels spoiled rotten. That seems a bit more honest to me. I like to spoil myself too but I like to be honest about it.

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