Zen lessons at 40,000 feet in a Korean Air Airbus 380 prestige class lounge

I had an interesting flight from Seoul to LA on a Korean Air Airbus 380. We had our two dogs so we used our miles to upgrade to prestige class, which might be the same as business but I’m not sure because there was a sign for first / business class in addition to the signs for prestige and economy.

Anyway, in prestige class they had a little lounge where a flight attendant would mix a few different types of cocktails (not many choices but still kind of neat). In the lounge, we met three Buddhist monks (drinking coffee, not cocktails). We got to chatting and we got a lesson on zen mediation.

I tried out the practical aspects like posture and breathing. My wife listened to theory and translated. You’ll have to excuse me for not passing on all the secrets – i don’t feel qualified to teach zen just yet.

We’ve been persuaded to try to meditate a bit before bed each night and we each have a couple of Buddhist bracelets to remind us to do our meditating. Plus it’s just a neat travel story.

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